The Journey of Faith

A Three Day Parish Mission


The Journey of Faith

The Journey of Faith examines Why should I be a Catholic? What does the Catholic faith have to offer the world?, and How do I live as a Catholic in a non-Catholic world?  Each session lasts about an hour and ten minutes.  These sessions are an opportunity to step back a bit, to slow down and reconnect with God; a time of spiritual refreshment and invigoration.

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About Me

Carl Floyd is a former Protestant minister has converted to the Catholic faith.  He was ordained in 1978 as an Assemblies of God minister. He has pastored churches large and small.  Carl converted to Catholicism in 2015. He has a Master’s degree in theology from the Augustine Institute.  Carl is an instituted acolyte in the Archdiocese of Galveston Houston. He is the Pastoral Associate at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Sealy, Tx.  

Carl’s presentations blend humor, story, scripture and spiritual reflection in a manner that appeals to all ages. His conversion story is a powerful tale of God’s redeeming grace!  



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